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5 ways to grow your career

5 ways to grow your career (at IQVIA)

An AI-powered career advancement platform. Numerous training opportunities. And so much more. There is no shortage of learning and development resources at IQVIA. Check out our top five.

IQVIA is deeply committed to supporting our colleagues along their career journey. Whether they are looking to fine tune existing skills or develop new ones, strengthen leadership abilities, advance their career or take it in a new direction, we offer resources to help our employees learn and grow.

Here are five ways you can grow your career at IQVIA

Career Connections

The first on our list is Career Connections. This artificial intelligence powered internal talent marketplace platform helps IQVIANs expand their skills and experiences by providing visibility to development opportunities, in and outside of their current business area. The platform matches an employee’s profile, skillsets and career aspirations to internal jobs, ad hoc projects and networking and mentorship opportunities. 

Career Connections also empowers leaders to achieve business goals by providing access to a broader internal talent pool... a win-win for both employees and the business.

Manager success

Over the last few years the way we work, live and learn has all changed so IQVIA works to ensure our managers are future-ready and prepared to help their teams navigate today’s challenges. 

IQVIA offers rigorous training programs to teach managers how to successfully take on bigger, more complex roles, and deepen their leadership skills to better meet the changing needs of our employees and the business. We also offer webinars and interactive courses to help leaders onboard, build business acumen, improve presentation skills, develop high performers, actively listen and take feedback.

Training opportunities 

In an ever-evolving career landscape, upskilling and reskilling is essential to our continued growth and success. At IQVIA, we are transparent about the skills needed to be successful now, and in the future, and provide training to help employees develop these skills. 

IQVIA has multiple training systems which provide employees with access to thousands of expert-led, on-demand business, creative and technology-related courses and video tutorials, each available in seven languages.


Actively seeking and providing feedback helps us better understand how our actions are perceived and gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of others’ behavior… an integral part to our professional and personal development. 

At IQVIA, we use feedback to clarify performance expectations, inspire growth and encourage professional development opportunities up, down and across stakeholder groups. Through our annual performance management cycles, HR digital tools and trainings, IQVIA offers a wide variety of methods for employees and managers to give and receive continuous feedback.


Lastly, mentorships. We believe that mentorships are an invaluable resource, allowing both the mentor and mentee to build skills and knowledge to grow both personally and professionally. 

IQVIA offers formal and informal mentorship opportunities across the organization through Career Connections and business unit and Employee Resources Groups run programs.

Our learning strategy and career advancement tools enable employees to upskill, reskill and gain hands on experience,” said Karen Powell, chief learning officer. “We know that when employees make an investment in themselves and their development, they can better support the business’s growth strategy and feel more fulfilled in their career.

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