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Olivia Bicknell's #BraveReturn to IQVIA

Olivia Bicknell's #BraveReturn to IQVIA

While sprucing up her home office space and pulling out her new notebook – after all a new job deserves a new notepad – we grabbed five minutes with Olivia Bicknell, resourcing specialist, to hear about her experience returning to IQVIA.

After exploring an opportunity outside of IQVIA, Olivia didn’t feel the same job satisfaction she had while working as a resource specialist with IQVIA’s Contract Sales & Medical Solutions (CSMS) talent acquisition team. 

What drew you back to IQVIA? 

I missed the passion, energy and dedication of the CSMS talent acquisition team. I missed engaging with candidates, providing support and delivering a first-rate experience for all candidates progressing through the hiring process. 

What has the rehire experience been like for you?

My manager and team were so welcoming when I decided to come back to the organization. They were incredibly kind and supportive, easing me back in and updating me on new developments. 

What do you value most about being part of IQVIA?

I love that everyone works as one united team, not only within our CSMS talent acquisition team, but the wider business unit and even wider organization. Everyone works together to help IQVIA grow and evolve. 

What would you say to someone considering a return to IQVIA?

If you are considering it, just do it. I haven't regretted my choice to return one bit. I only wish I had returned sooner! 


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