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How to ace an interview at IQVIA

How to ace an interview at IQVIA

We want your true potential to shine throughout the interview process so we're sharing advice to prepare you for your upcoming interview.

At IQVIA, we work together to bring out the best in each other, achieve our goals and drive healthcare forward through meaningful and inclusive collaboration. We want you to feel that support even before you join the team.

To ensure you feel prepared throughout the interview process, we've compiled tips to consider before, during and after your IQVIA interview.

Before the interview

  • Research the company. Check out our website, social media, press articles, Life at IQVIA blog and thought leadership to learn IQVIA's history, products, solutions and services, culture and more.
  • Study the job description. Write down questions yout have about the role and responsibilities.
  • Review your resume. Have your work history, key accomplishments and lessons learned top of mind so you can easily speak to them.
  • Make a list of key competencies that best describe you and use cases that show them in action.
  • Study commonly asked interview questions. If you're new to the interview process or want to brush up on your skills, practice answering questions with someone from your network.
  • Look up the interviewers on LinkedIn to familiarize yourself with their experience.
  • Dress professionally. First impressions matter, so make sure you dress in neat, clean and appropriate clothing.
  • • If you're prepping for a video interview, check out our video interview guide.

During the interview

  • Express sincere interest, specifically what excites you about the position and tie your answers to skills, experiences and accomplishments that make you the most well-suited candidate.
  • Listen and respond with only the information that you have been asked for. Objectivity, focus and clarity are key to a good interview.
  • Ask thoughtful and well-prepared questions to denote interest and proactivity. You can also ask about the recruitment process and next steps, company culture, team expectations, etc.
  • • Pay attention to your body language. Smile, make eye contact and be open to listening and learning.
  • Be positive. Avoid speaking negatively about previous employers and/or employees.

After the interview

  • Contact the recruiter to share your experience and ask for feedback.
  • • Send a thank you note to all interviewers, reiterating your interest on the job and showing your appreciation for their time.
  • • Be sure to complete our candidate experience survey to provide us with feedback on your experience.

But most of all…be yourself! We strive every day to maintain an environment where people from all backgrounds work together, trust and learn from each other so we want you to feel comforatable bringing your authentic self to your interview. Don't shy away from highlighting what drives you, your diverse skills and experiences, and your career aspirations.

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