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Tech Careers in the Middle East

Tech Careers in the Middle East

Our tech colleagues are developing cutting edge digital tools and applications to help hospitals, pharma companies and governments save lives and improve patient outcomes.

From clinical data and hospital information systems to doctor-patient communication and healthcare payment systems, technology plays a critical role in healthcare and its advancement.

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Our tech professionals are developing digital tools and applications to help our clients:

  • • Build strong connections between pharma companies and doctors, and doctors and patients
  • • Support hospital management through integrated systems
  • • Enhance the efficiency of insurance claims and healthcare payments
  • • Provide patients and healthcare professionals with reliable information to advance their knowledge and understanding

For aspiring tech talent, we offer product management roles working with customer engagement, healthcare technology, enterprise mobility, workflow automation and data analytics products. As well as development roles that specialize in a range of technologies and stacks including:

  • • MERN
  • • MEAN
  • • Salesforce
  • • Data management (e.g. Kafka, Apache, and Hadoop)
  • • Visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, and ClickSense
  • • AI/ML technologies (OCR, content recommendation, predictive modelling, NLP)

Become a part of the future of healthcare advancement and explore a tech career at IQVIA.

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