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One IQVIA, Multiple Careers - IQVIA's approach to career advancement

One IQVIA, Multiple Careers - IQVIA's approach to career advancement

IQVIA is taking internal career advancement to the next level – introducing an AI-powered technology to explore a more agile approach to your career.

Empowering employees to achieve their career aspirations is a top priority for IQVIA. We are pushing the boundaries when it comes to exploring different career experiences with the launch of our innovative internal talent marketplace tool, Career Connections.

“Career Connections is a key component to building IQVIA’s workforce of the future,” said Karen Powell, chief learning officer. “The platform enables employees to network, develop new skills and gain hands-on experience so they can find where they fit best in the organization, and in turn, thrive in their career.”

Transforming the career experience

Career Connections offers AI-powered personalized suggestions to help colleagues
  • Expand their skillsets in and outside of their current business area
  • Gain visibility to internal jobs, ad hoc projects and mentoring opportunities
  • And empower leaders to achieve business goals by providing access to a broader internal talent pool
“Career Connections gave me visibility to an ad hoc project on a different team,” said Claire Jobson, Training Program Manager. “I ended up loving it and moving to that team. The platform can help you decide whether a project, internal role or transfer to a different team aligns with your long-term goals. Even if the opportunity is not a fit, the experience can help you determine your career trajectory.”
Ready to unleash your potential? Unlock the power of the platform? Career Connections can help you shape your future – One IQVIA, multiple careers.

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