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The best things about IQVIA

The best things about IQVIA

Global Trials Manager, Ola Balacka, is letting you in on a secret: the top three things she likes best about working at IQVIA.

When searching for a new job it can be challenging to get a sense of a company's culture. Candidates often ask our Talent Acquisition team what it's like to work at IQVIA. They're curious about team dynamic and how we define the employee experience.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Olga Boroch, recently asked Ola Balacka, Global Trial Manager, Clinical Operations in Poland to tell us what she thought about IQVIA's culture. Ola summarized what she feels are the top three best things about working at IQVIA.

1. The People

For me, it’s the people. My colleagues are supportive, friendly and happy to share knowledge. When we work together, we bring out the best in each other. I have made friends at IQVIA I believe will last a lifetime.

2. Development opportunities

A core component of our culture is that we’re always learning and seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. There are countless development opportunities at IQVIA, and management truly supports and cares about my career progression.

Before starting at IQVIA, I was quite confident in my skills. But it's safe to say I have learned a lot since joining the organization. The company is dynamic and we are always evolving. I have learned to explore and grow in new ways. I have acquired soft skills, including creative ways to problem solve and new solutions to issues that come my way. I have also strengthened my technical skills, including my Excel knowledge. I have also improved my communication skills by liaising with diverse, internal and external stakeholders daily to deliver trainings and presentations.

3. Well-being & work-life balance

IQVIA cares a lot about employees' health and well-being, and is committed to a culture of work-life balance. Having flexibility in how and where I work enables me to spend more time with my family and pursue hobbies and other personal interests outside of work.

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