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Well-being at IQVIA – For a healthy you

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We know our vision of powering smarter healthcare for everyone, everywhere starts with our efforts to support the well-being of our employees and their families.

Well-being is about more than just your physical health. Each of us is on a unique health and well-being journey, and we aim to focus on the entire person – physical, mental, social, and financial.

Healthy You

IQVIA’s global well-being model, Healthy You, is designed around five interconnected pillars. For each, we provide access to resources, programs, and tools to ensure employees feel supported and energized both at work and at home.

We also know how important our environment is to well-being, which is why IQVIA strives to create a healthy work environment. We find that flexibility in how and where we work acknowledges people’s unique needs. Our offices also offer versatility with a variety of work-setting options to meet these differing needs. And we’ve invested in technologies and collaboration tools to improve the digital employee experience.

Well-being resources are also adapted locally to meet the diverse and changing needs and interests of employees around the world, as well as respecting cultural and geographical differences.

“Well-being is a shared mindset and collective responsibility, enabled through our leaders and managers,” said Adrienne Cyrulik, Director of Employee Well-being. “Our wide-spanning resources are designed to create a positive employee experience and foster a culture of well-being that meets the employee wherever they are in their well-being journey.”

Our global pillars and aligned resources include:

Healthy Work – How we work affects personal and organizational success, which is why we foster a culture of well-being.
• Flexibility
• Time off
• Work/life balance
• Belonging
• Learning and growth opportunities

Healthy Connections – Meaningful relationships inside and outside of work are encouraged to promote health, happiness, resilience, and prosperity.
• IQVIA Day – a day to volunteer in the community
• Employee Resource Groups
• Mentoring programs
• Team social activities

Healthy Bodies – Employees are encouraged to care for their health and live a healthy lifestyle to feel more energized.
• Medical coverage
• Lifestyle programs
• Disability insurance

Healthy Minds – We support good mental health and emotional well-being to enable employees to thrive and respond positively ways to the stresses of life.
• Employee assistance programs
• Digital programs
• Educational seminars

Healthy Finances – Employees are empowered to effectively plan for their needs now and in the future.
• Retirement and savings plans
• Educational seminars

Local Champions

We also have opportunities for employees to get involved by becoming a local well-being champion. These well-being enthusiasts coordinate and bring to life local initiatives – charitable events, intramural sports, meditation, family social activities and more.

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