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How we work

How we work

We understand life’s complexities so no matter the role, we strive to find the balance of work flexibility so you can succeed both professionally and personally.

As a growing, global organization, we believe your work is more tied to what you do rather than where you are. Whether you work in the office, out in the field, remotely, or in a combination of locations, we find that flexibility in how and where we work helps us succeed both personally and professionally.

“Versatile work arrangements acknowledge each person’s unique journey, making it possible for them to contribute their best,” said Trudy Stein, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “I’m proud that flexibility is embedded into the culture at IQVIA.”
IQVIA has four workplace profiles – hybrid, field-based, home-based and office-based – that are assigned based on the nature of each unique role.

A flexible work week 

We know when we join forces and use one another’s diverse skills, we bring out the best in each other, so in-office time is meant for collaboration activities. Rather than observing a rigid schedule, most spend a few days a week in the office and the remainder remotely. Managers work with their teams to decide which days they come together.

Offices that meet our diverse needs

Our offices offer inclusive spaces that enable us to work together without barrier. Many take into consideration the differing needs of our workforce, offering a variety of work-setting options including spaces for focused time, collaboration, group meetings and open workstations.

Technologies to help us innovate, collaborate and grow 

Our technologies and collaboration tools are designed to improve the digital employee experience and enable us to find smarter ways to work. Current technologies like immersive conference rooms, virtual whiteboards and meeting effectiveness tools help us collaborate virtually with our colleagues across 100+ countries. We soon plan to launch a next generation intranet integrated with Microsoft Teams to take our virtual collaboration even further. 

We find offering versatility in our work arrangements gives us the space to innovate with passion, the ability to lean into our culture of collaboration, and the capacity to meet people where they are in their professional and personal journeys. Ready to join the IQVIA team?

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