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Did you know IQVIA has 70,000 +
brave minds
From clinicians to data scientists each
transforming healthcare in 100+ countries
Did you know IQVIA has 1,200+ epidemiologists and real world insights experts
Did you know IQVIA has 4,600 data scientists Including statisticians and analytics developers
Did you know IQVIA has 45+ petabytes of data Including 1B+ non-identified patient records

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It takes curiosity and intellectual courage to accomplish great things. It takes brave minds to bring powerful ideas to reality and transform healthcare.

We are a diverse, global team that shares a passion for collaboration and solving complex problems. Together, we help customers drive healthcare forward.

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01 Clinical Research

Clinical Research Careers at IQVIA

Take clinical research to the next level. Enable evidenced-based solutions that truly tackle the problems of curing and preventing serious illness. Work with cutting-edge, in-house technology as you drive global projects that deliver positive human outcomes.

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02 Data Science

Data Science Careers at IQVIA

Lead the way in machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for the healthcare industry. Harness unparalleled data to answer complex questions and uncover new possibilities. Where human science and data science meet, the possibilities are endless.

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03 Information Technology

Information Technology Careers at IQVIA

When leveraging existing technology isn't enough, you build new ones. Be at the forefront as you help solve some of the toughest global health problems. The healthcare world of tomorrow is being built by the technologists of today.

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04 Consulting

Consulting Careers at IQVIA

Build a rewarding career in life sciences consulting and forge your own path. Partner with collaborative teams and leaders across unique projects and geographies, while delivering innovative solutions to the most complex healthcare problems.

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05 Sales

Sales Careers at IQVIA

Discover new paths to success as you share stories of unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and domain expertise coming together to advance human health.

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06 Medical Sales in Europe

Medical Sales Careers at IQVIA

Inspire your customers with your genuine passion for advancing healthcare. Share the unique chemistry that happens when you combine your scientific understanding with commercial strategy to benefit patients everywhere.

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There are limitless possibilities to apply creative research solutions to dynamic healthcare challenges alongside industry-leading experts. I really enjoy working with clients on the cutting-edge of science across dozens of therapeutic areas.

Samantha Register
Associate Account Director
Real World Solutions
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