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IQVIANs support health activists in Bangalore

IQVIANs support health activists in Bangalore

Employees from IQVIA’s Q2 Solutions team distribute donations to frontline health activists in Bangalore.

At IQVIA, we know making a positive impact in the world matters to our employees and that they appreciate an environment where they can make a difference. That’s why each year IQVIANs are offered a paid volunteer day to support their passion for giving back through a program known as IQVIA Day.

In October 2021, more than 20 Q2 Solutions team members in Bangalore used their IQVIA Day to distribute donations to over 100 accredited social health activists (ASHA) working on the front line to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identified ASHA workers, who interface between the community and the public health system, were each gifted 15 kilos of groceries, a saree, feminine products and personal protective equipment. In addition to distributing items, IQVIA volunteers had the opportunity to speak with the activists about COVID-19 best practices, mask wearing and other safety and hygiene protocols.

“It was a memorable day for all of us,” said Shashikala Menon, senior director, Q² Solutions. “Despite the challenges in 2021, this day of giving reminded us that we are resilient and that there are ways to help. The smiles on the activists’ faces were a testimony that our gesture, although small, was well received and appreciated. Some had tears in their eyes, while some sang a thank you song. We thank IQVIA for allocating a day to serve our community.”

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