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Your guide to IQVIA internships

Your guide to IQVIA interships

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, the application and interview process, and more!

If you're a university student searching for an internship opportunity where you'll gain valuable on-the-job experience, you've come to the right place! In this guide to internships at IQVIA, you'll learn about eligibility, the application and interview processes, and what to expect when you join us as an #IQVIAIntern.

Let's dive in!

Internship Questions

• Where can I find internship opportunities at IQVIA?
Available internships can be found on our careers website by searching ‘Intern’ in the keyword search.

• Are IQVIA internships paid?
All interns receive some form of compensation whether financial, school credit or both. Compensation is based on work location, degree, experience, and specific role. Depending on your role and work location, interns may also be eligible for commuter, wellness, and retirement and savings plans.

• What can you expect from your internship?
Our internship program provides students with real world, on-the-job experience that enhances their education and professional development. You will unlock access to learning and development resources, networking and mentorship opportunities and social engagements. IQVIA’s goal is to provide students with an experience that positions them for a future career in the life sciences industry.

• Does IQVIA offer internships during spring and fall semesters?
Yes! IQVIA offers internship programs throughout the year. We follow country-specific guidance, with internships spanning 10-13 weeks to upwards of six months. In addition to our summer program (May to August), we offer part- and full-time spring and fall semester internships, with start and end times varying by role. Check with your recruiter regarding your precise start and end dates.

• Can I take classes while completing the internship program?
This depends on work location. Some internships are full-time, Monday through Friday. A full-time intern is expected to work 37.5 – 42.5 hours per week, depending on a country’s work hours and regulations. However, we do offer part-time internships so interns can be enrolled in classes while interning with us. If you are taking more than two university classes, we recommend a part-time internship.

• Are IQVIA's internships on site?
Most of IQVIA operates in a hybrid environment so our internships can be completed virtually, through a mix of office and home-based or at one of our offices around the globe. Ultimately, your work location is dependent upon your job profile and where you live. Rest assured – no matter where you’re located – you will still experience the same great program.

• Will I need a visa for an internship based outside of my country of residence?
Depending on your work location, you may need sponsorship to work in a particular country during your internship. Interns are expected to live in that country throughout the internship's duration.

• Can I be recruited as a full-time employee with IQVIA after my internship?
IQVIA's goal is to hire interns that would be a long-term fit at the organization, however, full-time employement opportunities are dependent on the individual's internship performance and our current job openings.

Application questions

• Who is eligible to be an intern?
A current student who has completed at least one semester of a college or university degree program, or who has graduated within the past year. Please note that there may also be country-specific regulations, depending on your location.

• What is the application process for an internship at IQVIA?
Once you have identified a role you're interested in, you will be prompted to create an online account and begin the application process. The process includes uploading your current resume or CV. A cover letter is optional.

• How long after I apply will I hear back from the talent acquisition team?
After you submit your application, a recruiter will review your credentials and may contact you to discuss your submission. You will generally hear from a recruiter within five business days if you are a potential match for the role. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into your online profile.

• Can I apply for multiple internships?
Though there is no limit to the number of internships you can apply for, we recommend exploring our careers website to find the opportunities that align to your education and background.

Interview questions

• What is the internship interview process like?
Each department at IQVIA works differently, although most interviews start with a pre-recorded video and then move to rounds of virtual interviews. Check out these tips to learn how you can make an impact during your virtual interview.

• How should I prepare for my interview?
We recommend all interns do some research on IQVIA. We are looking for passionate, innovative and collaborative interns who are looking to grow their professional experience in the healthcare industry. For your interview, we suggest dressing in business casual attire and don’t forget to bring your questions!

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