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Gurjeet returns to IQVIA

Gurjeet returns to IQVIA

Gurjeet Chana, senior clinical research associate, reflects on what drew her back and her experience since rejoining the IQVIA team.

The people. Ultimately, they are who brought Gurjeet Chana, senior clinical research associate, back to IQVIA after a one-year hiatus. 

When Gurjeet left IQVIA to explore an external opportunity, she kept in touch with her former colleagues… meaning IQVIA never strayed too far off Gurjeet’s radar.   

What drew you back to IQVIA?  

The people are what really drew me back. Specifically, my line manager who helped shape me and made me the CRA I am today. At IQVIA, I could go to anyone with a challenge and they would be willing to help. 

What inspires you to come to work every day? 

Knowing that I’m making a difference and helping to create a healthier world. I am also continuously learning as a CRA. You must think outside the box to navigate through each sites’ unique needs and challenges and learn how to handle each situation differently.

What do you value most about being part of IQVIA? 

I enjoy supporting the development of future CRAs. I have the opportunity to coach coordinators, answer their questions and teach them what to expect on the job. 

How has the return to IQVIA been?

My return has been extremely positive. I have been fortunate enough to rejoin the same team which was exactly what I was hoping for, since my line manager was one of the main reasons for my return. Although I was familiar with the job and expectations, IQVIA still provided me with enough time to adjust and complete all the necessary training which I am extremely thankful for. 

What would you say to someone considering a return to IQVIA?

Don’t be afraid to listen to your gut. I was welcomed back with open arms and truly felt right at home upon returning. Being able to reconnect with former colleagues was the best part. 


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