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7 skills to future proof your career

Transformations, disruptors and trends... Don’t steer away from change. Embrace it. Learn how these seven skills can help you consider whether or not you are positioned for a future-ready career.

Much about how we work and live has changed over the last few years. It’s exciting but it can be overwhelming too.

At IQVIA, we know that ignoring the transformations, disruptors and trends around us can often lead to missed opportunities. We encourage our employees to own their careers and evolve their skills and behaviors so they can take control, be more adaptable and better positioned for a future-ready career.

Learn how practicing these seven skills will help you embrace change and consider whether you are positioned to advance your career.


1. Know yourself - accurately understanding your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in relation to others. This means understanding your passions and what brings you personal satisfaction so you can make effective career decisions.

• Question: How confidently can you explain your work interests, drivers and the areas you add value?

2. Stretch yourself - the willingness and ability to take on challenging tasks, seeing the long-term effects of continuous learning and development, and having curiosity and openness to take risks. It’s easy to become ‘stuck,’ especially if you have been in the same role for a while; we need the confidence and encouragement to try new things.

• Question: How regularly do you step out of your comfort zone to acquire new skills or experiences?

3. Adapt to change - the ability to pivot your approach and be agile when faced with changing demands or an evolving work environment. This also links to resilience and your capacity to manage pressure.

• Question: Do your skills or personal attributes position you to adapt to new situations and pivot when necessary?

4. Spot the opportunities - being able to identify and create work opportunities for yourself. This is developed by actively exploring the opportunities around you; keeping up-to-date with organizational developments, recognizing emerging needs, and making sure you are in people’s minds when the right opportunity comes up.

• Question: Do you identify and/or create professional opportunities for yourself?

5. Build a network - establishing and building relationships with others for social and professional support. The strength of your relationships is one of the most important contributors to career satisfaction and success. A core focus area of effective career management is building relationships through conversations.

• Question: Do you have a mentor or network that provides you with support, advice and encouragement?

6. Build your brand - crafting an active and visible reputation in and outside your organization. Drawing on the marketing concept of ‘brand,’ it encourages you to be clear about how you want others to perceive you and what you offer. This skill acknowledges that everyone has a professional brand that impacts their access to opportunities.

• Question: Have you established your personal brand and does your (internal and external) reputation echo your abilities, knowledge and experience?

7. Reflect and plan - regularly stopping to assess what is working and what is not so you can map a plan for the future. Make sure you make time to reflect on your goals, prioritize development and identify the skills and experiences you need to grow.

• Question: How regularly do you set aside time to reflect on what you've learned, map skills for long-term success and plan for growth opportunities?

*Skills are drawn on research from The Career Innovation Company

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