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Nazareth’s return to IQVIA

Analytics and Consulting Analyst, Nazareth Espinoza, shares her passion to make a positive impact on patients and reflects on her internship experience which encouraged her #ReturnToIQVIA.

Nazareth Espinoza is thrilled with her decision to #ReturnToIQVIA. Delve into her career journey and find out what she values most about rejoining the IQVIA team in Austria.

Tell us about your IQVIA journey before you left.

In 2021, I joined IQVIA’s EMEA Health Economics team as an intern. It was not your typical internship. The U.K. had just lifted its lockdown restrictions, but a remote work environment was still strongly advised. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to meet my whole team face-to-face, I found them approachable, collaborative, and incredibly skilled. At the end of my internship, I was pleased to be offered a full-time role; however, I turned it down as we continued to navigate the uncertainty of a post-pandemic world. Coming from Chile, Europe is not exactly around the corner.

What drew you back to IQVIA?

I have always valued working with the diverse teams within IQVIA; the variety of people here are able to bring the best-of-the-best knowledge and expertise to the table. As a pharmacist, I am aware of how complex and fascinating the pharmaceutical market is. There is no better place than IQVIA to bring out my sense of curiosity and desire to explore new solutions to help transform business and patient outcomes.

How has your return to IQVIA been?

After working remotely, over the past couple of years, it is refreshing to go into the office and spend time with colleagues in person. I am happy to say that I have the pleasure of working with a team of professionals who are very thoughtful and down-to-earth. You can see how people at IQVIA are truly passionate about driving results. Coming back has been a pleasure!

How does your current role fit into IQVIA’s mission and vision?

As an analyst, I have a key role supporting my team, working on a variety of projects and clients. I work on connecting the right insights, technology and expertise so we can help our customers improve healthcare around the globe.

What would you say to someone considering a return to IQVIA?

If coming back has crossed your mind, it suggests that IQVIA is offering something that you may be lacking in your current role. A career at IQVIA is exciting, intense - in the best way possible. Check out their vacancies today.

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