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Detra makes her return to IQVIA

Detra makes her #ReturnToIQVIA

Detra makes her #ReturnToIQVIA

Clinical Project Manager, Detra Mason, shares what she’s always valued about working at IQVIA and the positive experiences that encouraged her #ReturnToIQVIA.

Detra Mason recently made her #ReturnToIQVIA and couldn’t be happier with her decision. We caught up with Detra to find out a bit about her career at IQVIA and what she values most about being part of our network.

Tell us a bit about your IQVIA career

I started my IQVIA career path at Q² Solutions, a subsidiary of IQVIA, as an Associate Laboratory Project Services Manager in 2021. After an 18-month break, I re-joined IQVIA as a Clinical Project Manager and I’m so happy to be back with the IQVIA family. 

What drew you back to IQVIA?

I reconnected with a former colleague who I worked with at another large CRO and who recently joined IQVIA to see how things were going. She only had good things to say...

She referenced her study load and how she wasn’t spread as thin as other organizations which allowed her to become more familiar with the sponsors’ standards. She also mentioned how welcoming everyone was and how they’re always willing to help.  

Our conversation reminded me of all the positive experiences I encountered during my time at Q² Solutions, inspiring my #ReturnToIQVIA.  

What do you value about being part of IQVIA?

For starters, IQVIA cares about my wellbeing. I am encouraged to take time out during my workday and they’ve even offered me opportunities to join midday exercise classes which really help boost my energy levels and encourages me to be the best version of myself.  

I also value knowing I am part of an organization whose mission is to accelerate innovation for a healthier world. In my role, I believe I am an advocate for the patient, focusing to ensure that vendors provide quality services to patients and that truthful, quality data is collected. I lost my dad and grandmother to incurable diseases and knowing my contributions at IQVIA help to enable medical breakthroughs that advance healthcare, patient treatment options, and ultimately could improve the lives of others in the same situation fills me with so much honor and joy.  

Lastly, IQVIA believes in continuous learning and owning your career which aligns with my belief that we should never stop learning new things. From my amazing manager to collaborating with other diverse teams, the people I work with ignite my passion for learning and empower my growth every day! I can’t wait to see where I am in the next five years. 

How has your experience been returning to IQVIA?

Everything has been wonderful! The interview process was a positive experience and I learned a lot about the role and expectations. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with since making my #ReturnToIQVIA has been supportive which I’m so grateful for.  

A week before I rejoined IQVIA, Jami Norris, Vice President of Internal Medicine sent me an email welcoming me to the team. She also attended an orientation session and answered new hire questions which says a lot about IQVIA’s leadership engagement and our company culture. I’ve felt the same support and care from my manager too which has helped me settle back in quickly.  

What would you say to someone considering a #ReturnToIQVIA?

What are you waiting for?! Don't be afraid to come back if the opportunity is there.  

Get started on your #ReturnToIQVIA today. Check out our latest opportunities now.

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