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IT by day. Artist by night.

Meet Paulo. While his days are spent supporting IQVIA with data, software and equipment requests, his passion for drawing comes out at night.

Paulo Lemos has worked for IQVIA for over 20 years as the local information technology site support for our Lisbon, Portugal office.

With 500 employees in Portugal, Paulo’s job is to manage the local data center, equipment repairs, software issues and new hire equipment requests… a complicated job these last two years given our remote work environment.

Outside of his work at IQVIA, Paulo enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, playing video games and drawing.

Having never taken a drawing class, Paulo is completely self-taught. About 12 years ago, he started drawing, learning various techniques on the internet. Since then, he’s never stopped.

“For me, drawing is a time of relaxation and release,” said Paulo. “I take my pencil, a sheet of paper and my iPad – to listen to music – and I draw. I feel an immediate release. It’s my refuge and where I find my inner peace.”

While his workdays are filled with data, technology and service requests, Paulo balances his strong analytical and troubleshooting skills with a creative outlet.

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