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A triathlete's take on IQVIA work-life balance

A triathlete's take on IQVIA work-life balance

Talent acquisition lead, Luke Davison, describes how IQVIA provides him with the work-life balance he needs to make time for his passion for swimming, cycling and running.

At IQVIA, Luke Davison, associate director, Talent Acquisition, is known for being detail-oriented, a natural leader and well-networked around our global organization. Luke joined IQVIA in 2016 as a recruiter and now leads a team who supports our Real World and Commercial Solutions businesses across Europe.

Outside IQVIA, Luke is a sports fanatic and foodie. Living in Kent, England with his fiancée, he enjoys playing golf and trying new pubs and restaurants. But Luke's real passion is for triathlons. He recently completed his first Ironman—swimming 3.8k, cycling 180km and running a marathon!

Perspective on work-life balance

"IQVIA provides me with flexibility and control over my diary which is incredibly important when training for three sports, totaling 12+ hours per week," said Luke. "The remote nature of my job and culture at IQVIA gives me the autonomy I need to work smarter so I can make time for the things I love to do outside of work."

Luke applies his triathlon training mentality to his day-to-day work too.

"Like my training plans, I set big goals for motivating myself and then break them into smaller milestones to stay focused and mark my progress," he said. "Training for a triathlon also requires a data-driven approach. At IQVIA, I can analyze data to help me understand how my team is performing against our goals. The same goes for my training."

When asked to share advice to candidates looking for an organization that provides work-life balance, Luke said, "Don't be afraid to ask about a prospective employer's culture and what the work-life balance looks like there. Striking the perfect balance is hard, but a good employer will invest in your long-term goals and give you the independence you need to manage your work and personal life so you can prioritize accordingly."

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