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Passion for public health

Passion for Public Health

When asked about his work at IQVIA, Deepak Batra was quick to share his passion for improving patient health and the positive impact he makes every day as a Senior Principal of Global Public Health.

At IQVIA, passion is in our DNA. Our teams bring together their diverse skills, experiences and desire to advance patient health to further our mission is to create a healthier world. Together, we deliver better patient outcomes through innovation, technology and the advancement of medical treatments.

Deepak Batra operates with the highest level of this passion in his role as a Senior Principal of Global Public Health. He recently shared his journey to IQVIA and the passion behind his rewarding work.

Tell us about your journey at IQVIA.

It has been an amazing journey so far; I’ve spent almost seven years with the company. I joined when our public health practice was starting and then briefly left the company to join one of the Big Four consulting firms. I quickly realized that the kind of opportunity IQVIA presents due to its deep expertise in area of healthcare is unparalleled, so I made my #ReturntoIQVIA to lead our public health work in Middle East and Africa. Considering I joined as a contractor and now have responsibility for Public Health in two geographies, tells you that IQVIA can provide fast-paced career growth if you display the right attitude and performance. As long as you are passionate about solving customer problems and improving patient health, the opportunities here are endless.

What makes you proud to work at IQVIA?

The kind of contributions IQVIA makes in the sector, be it in terms of leading major clinical trials for various illnesses or supporting governments, payers and providers to achieve better clinical and quality outcomes is so inspiring. Patients might not always know IQVIA’s name, but it makes me so proud to say that we play a “silent superhero” role in so many patient health outcomes.

How do you demonstrate passion in your role?

I was never a healthcare professional by education… the first ten years of my career were in other industries. I was doing well, but I couldn’t connect with those roles. With a history of serious illness, both personally and amongst my family, a public health opportunity caught my eye and I knew this was a challenge that I wanted to contribute to solving. So, for me, choosing this career path was born out of passion. I always tell my team to do the right thing for the client, the patient and population health. At times this may mean going the extra mile, but we do not shy away from working in new countries (currently covering almost 50 countries in Africa) and working in areas with humanitarian crisis.

How important are the other IQVIA guiding principles – innovation, collaboration, growth – to you and your team’s success

All IQVIA’s guiding principles are critical to the public health team. There are companies and non-governmental organizations who have been working in this space for decades so our differentiating factor has to be innovation. On the collaboration side, there is so much IQVIA can do for our public health stakeholders: they are still evolving when it comes to real world evidence, technology, use of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning so collaborating with IQVIA plays a major part in delivering that to the public health world. Growth for us means how can we participate in newer areas of work, newer geographies and ensure happier customers.

How do you see IQVIA’s role in Public Health evolve over the coming years?

As public health stakeholders realize the importance of data, scientific research and technology, the role of IQVIA will become more prominent. There is still a bit of hesitance in the public health ecosystem when it comes to collaborating with for-profit private sector companies. This trend is changing and there is more willingness to work with private sector and specialists like us.

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