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IQVIANs awarded 2022 HBA Luminary and Rising Star

Susan Lipsitz has been named IQVIA’s Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association 2022 Luminary, and Sue Bailey as IQVIA’s HBA 2022 Rising Star.

At IQVIA, our people are consistently shining examples of excellence in healthcare, and this year we are proud to celebrate two of our best and brightest. Susan Lipsitz, vice president, associate general counsel and chief compliance officer, has been named a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Luminary, and Sue Bailey, senior director, Clinical Operations in Middle East and Africa, has been named an HBA Rising Star.

Meet Susan Lipsitz, IQVIA’s 2022 HBA Luminary

HBA Luminaries have more than 20 years of professional experience and have established themselves as transformational leaders in their industry. They serve as role models in their companies and actively mentor and sponsor others.

As IQVIA’s chief compliance officer, Susan Lipsitz leads our Ethics and Compliance Office. The ECO works to deliver a risk-based, practical ethics and compliance program with a focus on healthcare compliance and preventing anti-bribery and corruption across IQVIA — a program also key to the services we provide. As if building a culture of doing the right thing throughout IQVIA wasn’t enough, Susan still finds time to lead IQVIA’s global employment law, working on matters that impact our workforce and the customers we serve.

“I’m so inspired by those around me and the work we do at IQVIA,” said Lipsitz. “The amazing range of offerings, reach and customers means we can exponentially multiply our impact on healthcare. The people here at IQVIA are among the most innovative and thoughtful in the industry. I learn something new from them every day.”

Susan says that the HBA Luminary title is a true honor of her career, particularly because it recognizes her efforts to develop others, and because she works among so many colleagues deserving of the award. She credits their passion, agility and business-driven mindset.

Meet Sue Bailey, IQVIA’s 2022 Rising Star

HBA Rising Stars are professionals in the early to middle stages of their careers in the healthcare industry and are tapped for their outstanding performance, commitment to excellence and valuable contributions to their companies’ success.

As a senior director overseeing clinical operations in the Middle East and Africa, Sue Bailey is responsible for clinical delivery across these regions, including a team of around 200 supporting delivery for Site Management and IQVIA’s FSP (Functional Service Provider) partnerships. It’s a significant role in normal times but has been massive during the COVID-19 pandemic. South Africa has been a central hub for COVID research due to the regional teams’ familiarity with infectious disease and vaccine work.

“At IQVIA, there’s always a new challenge to pursue, and our volume of expertise is phenomenal,” said Bailey. “We have every growth opportunity at our fingertips — we can work with people across the world, enjoy a supportive culture, and at the end of the day, improve global healthcare. I feel fortunate to be here.”

Humble by nature, Sue was surprised to be selected as IQVIA’s HBA 2022 Rising Star.

“It was surreal,” Bailey continued. “I knew I was in the running, but there is so much incredible expertise across IQVIA. I’m proud and honored that my contribution was recognized in such a strong pool of talent.”

The IQVIA winners and other honorees will be recognized on 10 May at the HBA’s annual Women of the Year event in New York City.

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