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IQVIA’s CRA Training Program: Where possibilities are limitless

Virtual learning activities. On-the-job training. Mentorship. And more. A CRA career at IQVIA means unlocking access to best-in-class training and unlimited possibilities to pursue your unique passions.

At IQVIA, we are committed to taking clinical research to the next level. To do so, it is crucial our workforce uses evidence-based solutions and cutting-edge, in-house technology to drive global projects that deliver positive human outcomes.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the role of an IQVIA Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Our investment in our CRA Training Program is based on a performance-driven design that equips CRAs with the necessary technical and analytical skills to empower them to drive healthcare forward for our sites, our customers and most importantly, the patients we serve.

Our CRA Training Program

Our CRA Training Program has transitioned from a one-size-fits all model to a more flexible approach to accommodate differing employee needs and backgrounds. The curriculum includes a variety of learning components like virtual classroom activities, web-based training, learning clinics, on-the-job training and mentorship opportunities.

  • Learning activities are strategically designed to equip CRAs with extensive exposure to a wide variety of situations they will encounter in their daily work.
    • Web-based training presents learners with scenarios and situations where they make decisions and learn from feedback in a safe environment. These trainings enable CRAs to consider actions and solutions for case study-based hands-on exercises.
    Learning clinics provide opportunities for social and collaborative learning, and the on-the-job training enables them to learn by performing specific job functions within the workplace.

IQVIA’s approach is to “Train” for the concept and task mastery. “Transfer” the acquired knowledge to quick on-the-job competence. And lastly, “Sustain” by continuous evaluation and performance support. Ultimately, this approach drives holistic development by interweaving technical skills critical for the role with the skills required to manage site interactions effectively.

At IQVIA, you can build a smart, flexible career without limits as a CRA. Ready to find your next role as a Clinical Research Associate? Search open CRA roles. 

CRA Testimonials

“I think it is very well structured in different modules, covering all the necessary topics for the CRA position. I particularly enjoyed the virtual instructor-led sessions, since they offer the opportunity to interact with trainers, team up with other trainees, engage in discussions and learn how to approach different practical scenarios. After completing the program, I feel I am well prepared to initiate my journey as a CRA.” - Álvaro Huete-Huerta González, CRA, Spain
“Group sessions with various trainers at different intervals throughout the program really enhanced the experience and allowed us to interact with our peers and ask questions in a comfortable environment. They were knowledgeable and understood we were new, and most had been in our position which helped a lot.” – Ashling Bauer, CRA, United States

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