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Technical Deployment Specialist, France (R999740) in Paris, FR at IQVIA™

Date Posted: 2/22/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

IQVIA™ is leading the development of a new business service, the foundation for which is a pan-European infrastructure to collect, aggregate and report on pharmaceutical product use at a patient level. Partnering with healthcare data providers this new Real-World Insights (RWI) initiative will bring develop access, aggregate and codify patient-level data sources across multiple global geographies and create a solution that will allow for enhanced strategic decision making across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.


• The IQVIA™ RWI Central Team develops strategic business cases for investment in organic business growth or acquisitions
• Creates strategic thought leadership in the area of real world data, evidence and its applications
• Supports complex business development initiatives taking a leadership role around RWE
• Runs complex new engagement types with life-sciences and healthcare clients – involving innovative approaches to RWE, including high cost investments in data, assets and capabilities

The IQVIA™ RWI team has direct access to the world’s most comprehensive information, analytical, research and consulting resources. This allows us to apply our healthcare intelligence tools and RWI expertise to deliver deep insights into the realities of healthcare delivery, patient populations, pathway design, the effectiveness of healthcare interventions and products, and value for money. We are one of only a few organizations that integrate real-world evidence, health economics, outcomes research, consulting, and health intelligence tools at the national and international and global level across the healthcare value chain.

Job Description Overview

We are recruiting a technically proficient, adaptive person who has experience analyzing and deploying health care information systems. This person will be part of an expert technical team and cross-functional country deployment team, responsible for the initial technical analysis, deployment, testing and customization of a technical solution within a specific market. The deployment encompasses both the implementation of this solution in a broad range of hospitals and the collaboration with existing system vendors for these stakeholders. The systems are primarily in the areas of medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and as such, require a strong understanding of related security considerations and practices.


  • Engages with a range of hospital-level stakeholders (IT departments, pharmacists, hospital management etc.) to:
  • understand and evaluate the current system landscape (Electronic Medical Record extractions, clinical trials data, healthcare outcomes data, etc.)
  • define the fit and customization requirements for the implementation of the technical solution within the hospital
  • Conducts the local customization based on the requirements agreed upon with the hospital
  • Acts as the local person for testing and validating the centrally developed solution for the health care provider in question (i.e. translations, validity of business rules, etc.)

Supports (as a technical point-person) the engagement with 3rd party system vendors to:

  • understand the functionality of these systems
  • indentify the ability of our solution to integrate with these systems
  • manage the relationship with the technical team of this vendor

Can carry out (guided) analysis of health care providers and information system vendors’ requirements, current systems and processes

Skills & Experience

  • Extensive experience with healthcare \ life sciences \ clinical trials \ pharma data
  • Strong background in engaging with HCPs and/ or healthcare system vendor
  • Experience in a role of configuring, customizing and \ or configuring and administering software (for example: user account creation, changes to forms and user roles)

Why Real World Insights (RWI) is important to IQVIA™

IQVIA™ believes that the growing use of RWI is one of the most critical developments in life sciences today. With an explosion of new electronic data sources, transformations in technology, new analytic methodologies, and deeper understanding of healthcare issues, IQVIA™ are investing heavily in growing this part of our business.

Why Real World Insights is important in healthcare

At its core, Real-World Insights or RWI (which is derived from Real-World Data or RWD) provides the unique opportunity to better understand patient outcomes. This moves healthcare from an industry where long-term decisions about medicines are made based on a set of randomised controlled trials (RCT’s) in a controlled environment before and around launch, to a world where decision making is supplemented with real world evidence captured from thousands or millions of treatment decisions and their impact on outcomes.

Job ID: R999740