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Our streamlined management structure allows us to make important decisions straight away - including the rapid assembly of experts to assess and solve challenges others would shy away from.


Today’s right answer might be different to yesterday’s, so we constantly re-evaluate our approach, expand our team of experts, and tailor our services to exceed expectations, overcome obstacles and deliver the best value.


Where people’s lives are involved, there’s always more to be done. That’s why every person on every Clintec project is working to find innovative ways to overcome obstacles. It’s this unwavering determination that keeps us delivering excellence, every single time.


Careers at Clintec

Clintec is a dynamic and exciting place to work. Our global teams work on diverse and challenging clinical trials and product development projects. We collaborate as international project teams and add real value in delivering clinical excellence to our clients. When you join us, we offer a competitive rewards package with benefits customized to each region. As a nimble, agile organization, there are few limitations to your career prospects. We provide ongoing training and development to fully develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of all our employees.

If you are proactive and ambitious, we’re the company for you. Join us. Start your exciting journey with us and give your career a boost.

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Why Choose Clintec

Company Mission

Company Vision

Why Choose Clintec

At Clintec we believe flexibility is the key to success when working with our clients. Our clients and the trials being conducted come in many shapes and sizes. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs by being proactive and have created an environment that fosters this approach with our teams. We believe people are our greatest asset and understand that best performances come from individuals who know they are part of a valued team.

Company Mission

Providing precision tailored solutions, by thoughtfully assessing, designing and creatively delivering innovation. Our global team of experienced professionals work locally with our clients to deliver global trial excellence each and every time.

Company Vision

To use a creative, agile approach to become the global choice for organizations performing drug development.

"Teamwork is an essential part of Clintec. We work together to meet deadlines and deliver work to the highest standard. The company has expanded since I started, so there are many opportunities arising within the Clinical Operations team. Clintec definitely offers a challenging and rewarding working environment where success is recognized amongst all employees."

Clinical Research Associate, United Kingdom

"At Clintec, I feel I have been listened to and had my career goals and dreams fulfilled."

Global Resourcing Executive, Australia

"I started Clintec with the knowledge that there are real opportunities for career progression. I’ve now experienced this firsthand."

HR Advisor and Analyst, United Kingdom

"I am enjoying my career journey with Clintec. Clintec leads by example and has enormous and rewarding opportunities for employees."

Senior Clinical Research Associate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"I am relatively new to Clintec, and my first impression of the company is that we are treated as a family. There is a healthy working environment which fosters camaraderie among the team. I am looking forward to experiencing more growth, success, milestones with the Clintec family!"

Clinical Operations Manager, Philippines

"There are so many great things about working at Clintec. I value the working relations I have with the Clintec employees. There is always an open opportunity to change career paths and the flexibility within the company is so refreshing. It is understandable why so many Clintec employees invest in a long career with this company. Clintec’s outstanding company culture and values allow for all employees to feel as though they belong. Clintec provides the opportunity to work for the best CRO in the industry."

Clinical Operations Manager, South Africa

"I have finally found a company that sees my talent, uses my skills appropriately and wants me to grow! I have the opportunity to expand my horizons in a fast-growing company and take my team to new heights. It’s a great feeling to be with a company, a team, a family that allows me to have a happy, healthy, work-life balance and encourages both!"

Clinical Operations Manager, USA

"Clintec is not an ordinary company where senior management is distant and just visible at conferences or our corporate brochures or webpage. We are growing fast but they still know how important it is to keep their feet on the ground regarding communication with the core of the company, its staff. I joined and was welcomed from day one. I’m proud to be a Scot in Europe representing the best Clintec values to potential new members of the company."

Senior Global Resourcing Executive, Germany

About Us

Clintec, an IQVIA company, is an innovative, global functional services provider with a depth of expertise in oncology and rare diseases. Clintec combines the agility and flexibility typical of smaller CROs with the global coverage associated with large CROs. Clintec delivers global projects with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Clintec personnel are based in over 50 countries including several differentiated emerging markets, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What we do

Clintec provides functional service support to companies involved in clinical research and drug development, all over the world.

We work with leading industry experts in all major therapeutic disciplines; oncology, rare diseases, neurology, autoimmune diseases and diabetes. Based in over 50 countries worldwide, our expertise is vast, yet our approach is simple: we’re focused, flexible and forward-thinking. People are at the heart of everything we do. Because people are the reason we do what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

All open positions are advertised on our vacancies page where you can browse and apply for open roles here.

We will send a standard acknowledgment as soon as we receive your application.

If your application is a match for the role you applied, you'll typically hear from a recruiter within five business days.

If we don’t have the right role for you now, don’t worry. We’ll keep your information on file for future opportunities. You can also join the IQVIA Talent Network to be notified when new jobs become available that match your career goals.

As an equal opportunity employer, we consider applications from experienced personnel from all abilities and ethnic backgrounds.

We treat everyone as individuals. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your career goals whether through training, coaching or mentoring.

Your professional and personal development is important, that’s why we offer plenty of opportunities to move within the company and throughout the network.

We offer a competitive salary with regular pay reviews and also reward key achievements.

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