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A warm welcome to IQVIA

A warm welcome to IQVIA

Interested in joining IQVIA, but want to know more about the recruitment and onboarding experience? Gawel Mazur shares his perspective on both.

You found your dream job. Nailed the interview. And are ready to join the IQVIA team. What happens next?
Talent Acquisition Manager, Olga Boroch, recently interviewed Gawel Mazur, Engagement Manager, Technology Solutions, in Poland to get a look into his recruitment and onboarding experience, and the warm welcome he received upon joining IQVIA in August 2022. 

What drew you to IQVIA?

I have worked in the pharma industry for a long time, both on the client side and in consulting, and knew IQVIA very well. IQVIA’s presence in the market is impressive and I have always viewed them as a trusted partner. Having the opportunity to join IQVIA was very exciting.
When I came across the job description for the Engagement Manager role, my interested only heightened as it resonated with my experience in digital transformations and innovative business solutions. Upon speaking with a recruiter, I was presented with a clear career path and development opportunities, which played a vital role in my decision.

How was the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was another aspect that convinced me to join IQVIA. I had insightful conversations with Talent Acquisition, my future line manager as well as the local General Manager. I genuinely felt the people I spoke with were interested in my past experiences and background.

Once interviews concluded, the decision was quick, and overall, the formal recruitment and onboarding process was smooth!

When you joined, how did your manager and the rest of the team welcome you?

My line manager provided me with an abundance of information to ensure I had a smooth start, but at the same time I never felt overwhelmed. The local team also contributed to my warm welcome. They gave me a tour of the office and introduced me to other teams and key stakeholders. The office is comfortable, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, which have encouraged me to work onsite more often.

Additionally, despite the geographical distance, my manager is always available to discuss both operational and strategic questions.  


From my perspective I joined IQVIA for a few reasons:

  • • The dynamic and global work environment
  • • The interesting projects – both big, high-volume as well as smaller, niche ones
  • • The possibility to interact with leading life sciences clients
  • • And the ample career paths available

At IQVIA, I know I'm participating in something significant, supporting healthcare and having an impact on driving it forward.

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