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How we work – our flexible approach

IQVIA has revolutionized how and where we work so employees can make the most of their time, achieve work life balance and enhance the employee experience.

In March 2020, many of us left our desks and set up home offices. Since then, IQVIA has reimagined how and where we work to make the most of our time, achieve work-life balance, and enhance the employee experience.

Our working arrangements enable us to think differently, make smarter connections, and evolve and grow. We have four workplace profiles – hybrid, field-based, home-based and office-based – that are aligned to the nature of each role.

how we work - our four workplace profiles

A more flexible work week 

Most IQVIANs spend a few days a week in the office and the remainder remotely, according to how they work best. Their in-office time is meant for collaboration activities so teams can decide which days they come together. 

A new kind of workplace 

A new way of working means a new kind of workplace. We have evolved our offices, moving away from the traditional workspace – with assigned desks and offices – and introduced more inclusive spaces that enable us to work together without barrier. Our new offices take into consideration the needs of our diverse workforce, offering a variety of work-setting options including collaboration space, flexible meeting space, and open workstations. 

Technologies to help us innovate, collaborate and grow 

Whether employees work remotely, in an office, laboratory or in the field, IQVIA supports them with technology, collaboration tools and training. New technologies like immersive conference rooms, next-generation intranet, virtual whiteboards, meeting effectiveness tools and more have enabled a more effective and collaborative workforce. 

Are you interested in being part of the future of IQVIA? Click here for current openings. If you are looking for a remote role, select 'Remote' under 'Filter Results' within a job search.

For more information on this topic and other IQVIA environmental, social and governance commitments, check out our 2021 ESG report.

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