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Career Restart – Women’s returners program

IQVIA’s Careers Restart program in India focuses on hiring women who have taken a break from their career and are ready to return to the workforce.

We recognize that for many women career breaks are sometimes necessary. Whether you have taken a step away from your professional life to care for your family, pursue a passion project or had a significant life change, a resumé gap shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. 

At IQVIA, we are continuously looking for ways to support and inspire women around the globe. In fact, 60 percent of our global employees are female with more than half of them operating at the manager level. 

In partnership with JobsForHer, our Global Talent Acquisition team in India recently piloted a Career Restart program dedicated to hiring females who have taken a break from their professional career. The program is designed to help women re-enter the workforce, get up to speed on the latest technologies and best practices and ensure flexibility so they can juggle other priorities. 

“There are countless challenges when trying to get back to work after a career break,” said Manisha Patil, associate manager, Clinical Data, DSSS, mother and career re-joiner after a four-year break. “I needed confidence, to acknowledge I still had the skills, and to find an opportunity that would value my knowledge and experience. I am thankful for IQVIA for welcoming women like me back to work and providing me with the opportunity.”

The Career Restart program provides ‘re-joiners’ with the training, mentorship, resources and flexible week environment they need to successfully return to the workforce.

“As a former IQVIAN, I couldn’t have wished for a better opportunity… it felt like coming back home,” says Yeshaswi Kartikeyan, site solutions associate, Financial Lifecycle, IQVIA Alumni Network member, and career re-joiner after a six year break. "I am thrilled to be part of a diverse organization, extremely proud to be an IQVIAN and, most importantly, am grateful that IQVIA is creating a space for women who want to relaunch their careers after a break.”

Want to discover other ways IQVIA empowers women to reach their career goals? Check out our Women Inspired Network Employee Resource Group.

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