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Celebrating International Women’s Day

IQVIA is challenging stereotypes and celebrating the 60% of women who make up our diverse, global workforce. Hear how we are breaking the bias.

On 8 March, IQVIA celebrates International Women’s Day by crossing our arms and taking a stance to challenge gender stereotypes, recognize women’s achievements and imagine a world free of discrimination.

As part of our Sustainable Development Goals and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, IQVIA has increased the gender profile of our workforce. In 2021, approximately 60% of our 79,000+ employee workforce were women, with 51% of them at the manager level.

At IQVIA, women are empowered to apply insight, curiosity and intellectual courage to everything they do. Through our Women Inspired Network, we provide a space that inspires women to exchange thoughts and experiences, enhances professional and personal growth, cultivates mentorship and builds female empowerment.

On International Women’s Day – and every day – join us in breaking the bias.

Learn more about our Women Inspired Network and find your next opportunity at IQVIA.

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